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The Roc Enrichment Program founder and CEO Brian Sessions
CEO's Welcome

Having grown up in the heart of Baltimore City, I am aware of the overwhelming excess of entertainment and the shortage of "appeal" that comes with being studious. It is relatively to easy to find a way to entertain yourself every hour of the day. While it is as easy to find new information to self-educate, majority of what is advertised is entertainment. Hence why we now live in a society where the average attention span has drastically been reduced when compared to generations past.

In a world where entertainment is largely more valued and demanded, The Roc Enrichment Program provides education a platform to receive its just due attention. In a fun, fresh, and relevant way, The Roc Enrichment Program bridges the gap between education and entertainment creating scholars who are exuberantly and expressively educated.


In accordance with the Common Core Standards and National Core Arts Standards, education is paired with arts and trades to create an experiential learning environment where students can "live learning". The Roc Enrichment Program wants to help you cultivate this environment where students are able to bring learning to life! If that is your hearts desire, schedule a meeting today and let's turn struggling students to soaring scholars!


Brian Sessions

Our Philosophy
The Roc Enrichment Program

The Roc Enrichment Program exists to enrich the academic, social, and artistic well being of generations in order to create wholesome leaders in an academically, socially, and artistically driven world. 

Our History
The Roc Enrichment Program

The Roc Enrichment Program has consecutively provided quality enrichments for The Y of Central MD, The BELL Foundation, Baltimore City Public Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools, and a host of other private and public institutions.

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